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Author: Seb Kemp

Kranked Kids

0 By on Wednesday November 30 2011 in Off topic

As you all well know Bjørn Enga was the mastermind behind the Kranked series of mountain bike movies. After a while he moved onto other filmmaking pastures, like making yoga movies. He came back to mountain bike movies for a brief spell which included the… More ›

A Skier’s Journey

0 By on Tuesday November 29 2011 in Off topic

Okay, so many of you below the equator are probably happy to have the winter behind you for now but this is timeless quality programming whatever your flavour and whatever you like to do. Jordan Manley, the genius behind many of the best mountain bike… More ›

Happy Mac

0 By on Thursday November 24 2011 in Off topic

Via the Wired Magazine Twitter feed I found this short story on the lady who was behind the creation of the graphic icons in computing that we rely so heavily on these days. It is her work that saved us from the dross of Dos.… More ›

Genuine storytelling?

0 By on Saturday November 19 2011 in Off topic

I love this video and I really didn’t expect to because it was described to me as, “A couple of Germans go hike-a-biking up a big mountain and then ride down again”. From previous experience of German videos they are generally pretty shitty. Mountain bike… More ›

Queenstown Taxis

2 By on Thursday November 17 2011 in Off topic

Hungry for some Dirt Park action? I am after watching this nicely pieced together video by Jon Bokrantz for Queenstown Bike Taxis. From the QBT website, “Queenstown Bike Taxis offers a transport only service to help you and your bike get to the trails around… More ›

How not to…coach.

5 By on Wednesday November 16 2011 in Off topic

Vito Sport and BikeRidersUnited ‘How To': Drops – More Mountain Bike Videos I’m going to probably make some enemies here, but this needs saying. Pro riders with no coaching experience, qualification, training or indeed knack for it, need to stop putting out stuff like this.… More ›

Rear Wheel Sweepers are ___

3 By on Tuesday November 15 2011 in Off topic

More Mountain Biking Videos I have come to admire how these FastFokus guys have put together a series of videos shot all over the world (including a Kelly McGarry in NZ episode), but this episode is the most exceptional example of the rear wheel sweeper.… More ›

Smallest soul stealer?

0 By on Saturday October 22 2011 in Off topic

Whilst shopping for Halloween candy at Canadian Tire yesterday I spotted some funny POS advertising for the new Pentax Q camera. This new, bonkers, spy style camera is absolutely tiny. In real life it really looks like a scale model of a real camera, or… More ›


0 By on Thursday October 20 2011 in Off topic

So the highly anticipated second (or third) teaser to the soon to be released movie, From The Inside Out by Second Base (The CoastalCrew and Anthill) dropped today and it is a stonker. On the 27th October the world Premier will be taking place in… More ›

Occupy This

1 By on Tuesday October 18 2011 in Off topic

I’m stupid. I spend far too much time riding my bike to actually know what is going on. I acknowledge my lack of knowledge and so recently I have been trying to reacquaint myself with life outside of bicycles. The obvious starting point was to… More ›

What’s your Issuu?

0 By on Friday October 7 2011 in Off topic

I stumbled across this from The Albion’s Twitter. It’s a webzine that Vincent Perraud produced for a Vans team trip through Europe. Beautiful photos and even better layout; clean and lots of negative space. More ›

10 Things?

0 By on Saturday October 1 2011 in Off topic

I came across this video on NSMB and I know almost nothing about it except that the filming and idea are a step above the usual 7D web edit. About the only information on the short film or its makers is on the Vimeo page… More ›

Finding that which is lost: The Lost Bowl

1 By on Friday September 23 2011 in Off topic

It might be BMXing but it is still bicycling. More so, this short video shares a lot with mountain biking. Particularly exploration, adventure, travel and sniffing out the lines of truth from the piles of rumour. Ruben Alcantara: The Lost Bowl. Fox Head. If you… More ›

Airplane vs. Conveyor Belt Theory

5 By on Thursday September 22 2011 in Off topic

Last week, much like most weeks, I was moonlighting for another media outlet during the Interbike wildness. After a week of chocolate teapots, perfect circles and not-so-new-releases, the one thing that stood out was helping the good Canucks at NSMB.com put this little video together.… More ›