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Author: Seb Kemp

Une Minute de Vélos – Rwanda

0 By on Thursday August 18 2011 in Off topic

Darcy Turrenne has long been one of mountain biking’s top female ambassadors but now she is spreading her wings and moving into film making. Already she has shot a documentary on Indonesian and Balinese sporting females, a music video, as well as numerous shorts. Check… More ›

Danny MacAskill New Video

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New video from Danny Macaskill. What more needs to be said? Well, it was directed, produced, filmed and edited by Stu Thomson of MTBCut Media who consistently makes some of the best biking web content out there. More ›

Atherton Project season 3 episode 6

0 By on Saturday August 13 2011 in Off topic

I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Atherton Project this series. It seems to have really stepped up and stopped just being a half arse attempt at a TV show. Now it is actually getting quite entertaining. I think this is largely attributable to Richard Cunynghame… More ›

20″ XC

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You need a 29er for that kind of riding. Nah, just roast it up on twenties mate. In episode two of the Red Bull Ride and Seek trip the crew hit up Moab on the little bikes. Unfortunately the weather stopped them from doing much.… More ›

Prepare to have your mind blown

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Stop motion is hard, but these geeky Swedes make it look easy. YouTubers Rymdreglage in their new video “Insert Coin” recreate classic scenes from retro video games using stop motion, a computer and hundreds of silver coins. Iconic characters like Nintendo’s Mario and Namco’s Pac-man… More ›


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The Post Office dirtjumps are built on a private lot at the corner of Trout Gulch Rd and Cathedral Dr in Aptos, California, about fifteen minutes south of Santa Cruz down Highway 1. The lot the jumps are built on has a slight slope to… More ›

SPC: 2nd Place ‘Monkey and the Woos’

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MPORA Action Sports >> Things are really heating up now, time for the runner-up in the Scandinavian Photo Challenge: Monkey & the Woos (or Team Britain as they were originally named). The name is an imaginary band name made up inside Richard Cunynghame’s head. So,… More ›

‘Showing the rich we do what we want’

1 By on Wednesday August 10 2011

Two girls who took part in the riots in Croydon on sunday night were recorded by a BBC news reporter bragging about how much fun it was and that they hope it continues. There reason for their display of public hooliganism was that they were… More ›


2 By on Tuesday August 9 2011 in Exclusives

As well as the World Cup in La Bresse and the Enduro Des Nations the other big mountain bike event was the Bearclaw Invitational SLopestyle comp that took place in Mount Washington, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The Bearclaw Invitational is regarded by slopestylers as one… More ›


1 By on Tuesday August 9 2011 in Exclusives, New products, Reviews

SRAM XO has been around for ten years now and in that time it has shown that there is an option other than Shimano. What started out as a rear mech has grown until in 2010 SRAM launched a complete XO groupset and this year… More ›

Four Long Years: Brandon Semenuk at Joyride

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This is by far the best edit to come out of the Red Bull Joyride/Crankworx media smorgasbord. Taylor Sage has been knocking out consistently amazing edits all year for Sram/Truvativ but this one goes one step further. Personal, insightful, and shows the building tension and… More ›


4 By on Friday August 5 2011 in Exclusives, Off topic, Reviews

I’m still undecided about whether or not I like companies producing and providing content for the media, but when some days all we see is flimsy story and regurgitated press releases by some media outlets, then this is a definite step up. What Sombrio have… More ›

Scandinavian Photo Challenge: Team Scanada.

0 By on Thursday August 4 2011 in Exclusives

More Mountain Biking Videos Things are really heating up in the Scandinavian Photo Challenge as we move onto the podium. Local photog Mattias Fredriksson was all set on clinching the top spot shooting on his home trails, but after the jury had made its decision… More ›


2 By on Thursday August 4 2011 in Off topic, Reviews

If you only watch one thing on the Internet for the rest of the day, week or year, then make sure it’s this movie. Whether or not you’re squeezing in some Internet time in the office in-between jobs or if you don’t have much download… More ›


11 By on Wednesday August 3 2011 in Off topic, Racing

The X-Games are one of the most incredible sporting franchises in modern history in my opinion. They are a large factor in how action sports have become legitimized in popular culture. They might of made some mistakes along the way and forgotten to bring along… More ›

Kirt Voreis is THE MAN

1 By on Wednesday August 3 2011 in Off topic

Kirt Voreis NWD Greatest Hits Teaser from NWD films on Vimeo. Kurt Voreis is the man. He has been everywhere and seen mountain biking from most angles. When I grow up I want to be like Kurt Voreis. Hopefully Kurt Voreis never grows old. More ›

The Art Of Flight Trailer: Metal Mix

1 By on Tuesday August 2 2011

The hottest thing on Twitter right now. Brain Farm’s The Art Of Flight trailer mixed to raging metal music. If watching guys hanging off the side of helicopters, avalanches, super slow-mo blood spitting and three-up lines in radical zones don’t get you pumped then you… More ›

Crankworx: Winners and Losers

0 By on Monday August 1 2011 in Exclusives

The biggest event in mountain biking is in its hangover stage right now. Broken bodies have been whisked away to their usual habitats around the globe, the kegs have run dry, the litter swirls around the deadened streets, and everyone can breathe a sigh of… More ›