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Author: Hogboy

Worsleys trails face temporary logging

4 By on Wednesday January 14 2015 in Exclusives

I guess it had to happen. After months of nervous anticipation since the first notices of intent to extract deadfall from MacVicars/Worsleys surfaced on the Gravity Canterbury site, countless minutes of speculative trail banter and hours of dusty summer laps jammed in to wring out… More ›

The Couples’ Ride

0 By on Friday August 9 2013 in Off topic

I don’t know how I missed this video from Darcy Turrene but it’s pretty cool. If you haven’t seen it watch it now, especially if you’re married! Many have been on “that ride” with their loved ones. Darcy takes Geoff out for a nice leisurely… More ›


2 By on Tuesday July 14 2009 in Exclusives

YUP check it out, it’s new and…. well it has lots of photos to look at! bikes, girls, and cars! www.simeonpatience.co.nz also this amazing guy made it all work, thanks Jarred More ›


0 By on Saturday July 11 2009 in Exclusives

The next issue of Spoke has some very cool stuff in it, and the product pages are no different! Look out for sexy bike bits shot by yours truly! We have everything you need to get you through the last of winter…. 12 hours of… More ›