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W.O.R.D. goes fast as

2 By on Thursday September 27 2012 in Exclusives, Word Does America

Week 7 Ten hours in the car. If anyone has driven across Utah and Nevada, then you’ll understand we were in for some serious nothingness. Our only hope was the Bonneville Salt Flats (where a bridal fashion shoot happened to be taking place), and a… More ›

W.O.R.D wags the world

2 By on Wednesday August 29 2012 in Exclusives, Off topic, Word Does America

Week 3- Moab, Telluride, and Durango The next stop on the quest to shred the southwest was none other than the proclaimed mountain bike Mecca of Moab. Despite landing in Moab during its hottest month we are happy to see that allure of Moab hadn’t… More ›