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Dirty Electric Dreams

4 By on Wednesday July 2 2014 in Hey Mate

Hey Mate, can I share a dirty little secret with you? Ever since I saw this video on the internet, I just can’t stop thinking about it. I lie in bed at night dreaming about riding one, owning one and what I would strap… sorry,… More ›

Flats vs Clipless

8 By on Wednesday June 4 2014 in Exclusives, Hey Mate

The last thing that went through Barry’s head as he crashed, should have been the words of Larry saying “I told you so”. But it wasn’t. What really went through his head, apart from rotten logs, was a little more basic and with a whole… More ›

Hey Mate – Breaking Bad on Strava

2 By on Monday March 10 2014 in Hey Mate

Hey Mate, I think I’m Breaking Bad on Strava. I started out just using it to record my rides, so I could see how far I’d ridden over the past year. But then I got a KOM (King Of the Mountain) on a segment of… More ›

Hey Mate – The Crash Story

0 By on Monday December 16 2013 in Hey Mate

“Hey Mate!! You look like you had a massive crash. Where did that happen?” “Hey Bro! Yeah, it was pretty big. You know where that creek is on Drop Zone?” “The first creek? Or the second one?” “There’s two creeks?” “Yeah they are pretty close… More ›

Hey Mate – Christmas Wheel Size Special

8 By on Monday December 9 2013 in Hey Mate

Hey Mate, try this next time you go into your LBS. Line up a 26 inch, six50b and a 29er trail bike and then count how many times the sales assistant contradicts themself while they try to sell all three bikes at once. The problem… More ›

Hey Mate – Magpies

1 By on Monday October 14 2013 in Hey Mate

“Hey Mate, I’m sick of those damn Magpies swooping me every time I ride past. That’s why I’ve attached these zip ties to my helmet, that should stop them when I’m not looking!” “Hey Mate, the zip ties didn’t work! Those DAMN Magpies are still… More ›