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Simpsons gold

0 By on Thursday August 1 2013 in Off topic

If you have a few minutes to spare and are a fan of the Simpsons (who isn’t) then watching these two clips is highly recommended. Someone has gone through the first ten seasons and pulled out every single movie reference the writers have ever made.… More ›

Huck to Tour de France

1 By on Monday July 22 2013 in Off topic

So while Brett is swanning around Colorado on a guided tour he’s left me to post road stuff on the Spoke website… road stuff? Well it looks like some Frenchmen have decided to finish what Sombrio’s Dave Watson started, and that is to gap the Tour.… More ›

Life in Focus – Lars Schneider

1 By on Friday July 19 2013 in Off topic

Episode Five in the Life in Focus Mini Series finds German Staff Pro Lars Schneider and his family touring around the United States in a vintage VW van capturing life on the road and the vibe of the places that they visit. f-stop met up… More ›

Must Watch – The Moments Between

0 By on Wednesday July 17 2013 in Off topic

This documentary from legendary mountain biker Darcy Turrene about the relationship between one of Spoke‘s favourite photographers Mattias Fredriksson and his best friend Janne Tjärnström is perhaps one of the best behind the scenes looks at shooting and the releationship between photographer and subject. In… More ›

Giant do random acts of Bikeness

1 By on Wednesday July 10 2013 in Off topic

Giant New Zealand we need this!!! Until August 31, 2013 the folks from Giant Bicycles Canada are excited to surprise random riders of bad, jiggly, rusty, beaten-down bikes with new, cutting-edge Giant rides. Combining the motives of Robin Hood with the style of CHiPs, Giant’s… More ›