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Set Adrift in the Bay Area

0 By on Tuesday July 2 2013 in Off topic

Adrift from Simon Christen on Vimeo. So as I was leaving San Francisco the other morning for the airport and I had my buddy Jason take me earlier so I could get a super cheesy shot of the Golden Gate Bridge… And all I got… More ›

Jon Television – Into The Wild

0 By on Tuesday May 28 2013 in Off topic

Inspired by Sean Penn’s classical masterpiece Into The Wild, this film is about the essence of mountain biking. Don’t give your entire $24.00 savings account to charity, abandon all your possessions and hitchhike to Alaska without telling anyone, but for the love of God, don’t… More ›

Matt Walker shredding Dipper

2 By on Wednesday April 24 2013 in Off topic

My three-year-old went riding in the Redwoods the other day and absolutely loved this track. It’s super cool to see folks like John Colthorpe (EvioMedia) and Matt Walker show how much fun it still can be, if you have the legs for it that is.… More ›