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Culture Shock with Russell, Chris and the RockShox RS-1

0 By on Friday April 4 2014 in New products

Culture Shock _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Words: Joe Parkin Photos: Adrian Marcoux If you’re Russell Finsterwald, and collecting your paycheck involves lining up alongside a hundred or so of the world’s fastest riders and pushing your heart to its rev-limiter for a couple of hours, then pre-dawn wakeup… More ›

Worn: Scott Mythic Helmet

1 By on Wednesday March 26 2014 in Exclusives, New products

A while back we brought you news of Scott’s new trail/AM styled helmet, the Stego. Caleb brought one back from the Scott launch in Switzerland, and was impressed by its fit and features, including the MIPS liner. Now, the non-MIPS version of the helmet, the… More ›

SRAM’s new Guide brake is here!

3 By on Wednesday March 26 2014 in New products

At the SRAM Trail House in Queenstown SRAM chose not to introduce us to the new Guide brake (saving it for last week’s Trail House in Moab), pretty much because we were at a DH launch and this was an all mountain brake. That’s not… More ›

Worn: Zoic clothing

0 By on Friday December 6 2013 in New products

Craig Madsen from CycleTech negotiated his way to Spoke Towers recently and showed us some of the new range of clothing from their latest brand acquisition Zoic. The Zoic name has been around in the mountain biking scene since the early 90s, and has been… More ›

Worn: Urge All M

5 By on Thursday November 21 2013 in Exclusives, New products

Urge Helmets have been around for a while now and no doubt you will have seen a few out on the trails. I’ve always liked the way they look on other people but when i’ve tried them on, I haven’t been quite able to pull… More ›