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First Look: Giant gets all 650b

5 By on Monday August 5 2013 in New products

This is kind of old news, but some of you may not have read it just yet. I was waiting for an actual press release to arrive but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. Anyway the above video kinda spells it all out. Giant have… More ›

Charge Scoop saddles in Spoke shop now

0 By on Friday August 2 2013 in New products

I really don’t know how Charge do it, but somehow they can make a saddle sexy and the new Scoop is no exception. It’s available in eight colours and is based around a highly-flexible, one-piece base with a super-light foam top, encased with a durable… More ›

Sensor and Sensorbility

14 By on Tuesday July 30 2013 in Exclusives, New products

I’ve been back from the US and Switzerland for a while now and I just realised that I haven’t given you a proper look at my new 130mm 650b/27.5/medium-wheeled GT Sensor. I should point out that the only thing stock on this bike is the… More ›

Kona Processes New Models

2 By on Friday July 12 2013 in New products

Kona have just dropped their 2014 model range, and no surprises, there’s a couple of new medium wheeled bikes pushing the small wheelers aside. The Process range now consists of a 29er (the 111) and two 650bs (the 134 and 153). The model numbers indicate… More ›

Scott release new Enduro helmet

5 By on Thursday July 11 2013 in Exclusives, New products

At the Scott launch, on top of releasing the three new 650b/medium sized wheel bikes, Scott also released a new Enduro helmet the Stego. Well technically it’s two helmets, as there are two versions, one featuring MIPs (the Steggo) and the other without (the Mythic).… More ›

Boneshaker 12 in Spoke Shop Now!

0 By on Thursday July 11 2013 in Exclusives, New products

We just received our latest shipment of issue 12 of Boneshaker magazine. From its butterfly-fluttering cover to its freewheeling final page, Boneshaker #12 explores forgotten railroads, tours with travelling minstrels and jumps into freezing lakes. From rickshaw politics to open-source cargo bikes, from racing with… More ›