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Yeti release Beti

0 By on Tuesday June 23 2015 in New products, PRESS RELEASE

Why A Yeti Beti Line? Yeti has a long history of supporting women cyclists. Our race teams have included some of the best women in the sport— among them, Julie Furtado, Marla Streb, Tara Llanes, Jill Kintner, and Rosara Joseph. We have also been long… More ›

Incoming: Camelbak Palos

0 By on Thursday June 18 2015 in Exclusives, New products

  Bumbags. Yep, the word that seems to strike fear, loathing and condemnation into the collective psyches of the mountain bike world and the general population at large. Those who choose to bravely carry their essentials around their waist rather than on their back are… More ›

Incoming: Absolute Black Oval Chainrings

4 By on Monday June 8 2015 in New products

Before anyone else does it, I’ll say it for you: “BioPace.” There, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the Absolute Black oval chainrings without mentioning any previous incarnations again. Yes, oval chainrings have been tried before. No, they didn’t stick… More ›

Limited Edition colours for TLD A1

0 By on Wednesday May 20 2015 in New products

Troy Lee Designs have one of the duro-est of All-Duro helmets with the a1, and now it’s available in even more duro colourways (which is the duro way of saying colours). Check out the camo options and one for the Yeti/Santa Cruz/insert-other-bike-brand-using-turquoise-this-year riders…   Get… More ›