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Vancouver Island Discs – Leif

0 By on Friday June 20 2014 in Vancouver Island Discs

Leif Roy is one of Spoke’s longest serving testers and contributors, but he’s a little bit mysterious as well. He’d be great to be stranded with, as he’d probably stay well away from you and just contemplate life from the opposite side of the island,… More ›

Vancouver Island Discs: Megan

0 By on Friday March 14 2014 in Vancouver Island Discs

If you should find yourself stranded on Vancouver Island with Spoke writer and endurance freak Megan Dimozantos, chances are while you’re gathering berries and firewood, she’d be out lapping the island for hours on end while listening to this selection of tunes… Florence and the… More ›

Vancouver Island Discs: Dain

0 By on Friday January 24 2014 in Vancouver Island Discs

Easton/Giro USA’s Brand Manager Dain Zaffke rates New Zealand as his favourite riding islands, but if he was stuck on Vancouver Island he wouldn’t be too worried either… here’s what he’d take with him in the 5 -disc CD case. The Dandy Warhols – Thirteen… More ›