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Press Release: The Great Lake Trail is Open

0 By on Thursday April 10 2014

I’d say if you’ve been riding in Taupō over the last few years you’ve probably ridden either the W2K trail or the new section from Kinloch via Kawakawa Bay out to the state highway. Well last week John Key amongst a bunch of other political figures… More ›

How to Make a Perfect Cheeseburger

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Toronto’s Parts and Labour owner and burger champion Matty Matheson has had a burger or two in his day, so we put our trust in him to teach us how to make a proper one. Here Matty breaks down the science and technique of burger… More ›

Just Go With It

1 By on Monday April 7 2014 in PRESS RELEASE

Auckland cinematographer John Colthorpe has whipped up this sweet little clip for a new tour outfit. It looks like they hit a bunch of the South Island’s hot spots on their recent two week trip. It’s a pretty solid little showcase for New Zealand trails.… More ›

Helmets and Condoms

1 By in Exclusives

Isn’t life just grand and peculiar? The way that two very different things can seemingly have nothing in common but on closer examination have more in common than expected. In the case of helmets and condoms it would be easy to say that they have very little… More ›

Bottle Rocket

0 By in Exclusives, New products

Here at Spoke we are definitely loving having freed up our backs on shortish rides, and to that end Brett, Rod and myself are all rocking bumbags/fanny-packs/enduro-hip-packs and we aren’t really looking back. Although some bumbags do take bladders, nothing beats the simplicity of a… More ›

Sneak peaks from someone else’s magazine

0 By on Sunday April 6 2014

The latest issue of one of Spoke’s favourite magazines dropped yesterday, and the May issue of Bike was packed with a bunch of ads that caught us by surprise, well just a little. First up was Easton’s ad for the once ground breaking Haven handlebar.… More ›

Vancouver Island Discs: Vikki

0 By on Friday April 4 2014

While there’s a tonne of music I’d like to take with me to the proverbial desert island, there are precious few albums that fit my criteria of ‘anytime, anywhere’ listen-ability. Those few are listed below. That they were all released within a two-year window in… More ›