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Behind The Bill: In inside look at Fort William

0 By on Monday July 7 2014

Behind The Bill is a short documentary about the work that goes into transforming a Scottish mountainside into one of the world’s best race venues. The Mountain Bike World Cup in Fort William (Fort Bill) is a huge success, and has won dozens of awards… More ›

Sorted: Roam Bungee tie-downs

1 By on Friday July 4 2014 in Exclusives

There is no doubt that Rob Metz’s original Q Spear bike rack changed how Kiwis carried bikes. Until the Q-Spear hit the shelves, only an elite group of mountain bikers that knew how to weld and were happy running a ratchet tie-down through their back… More ›

Trek World Racing Stories Episode 1.2

0 By on Friday July 4 2014

Trek World Racing today released the second instalment of stories for 2014. Episode 1.2 follows the team as they contest Rounds three and four in Fort William and Leogang. Watch as the team scores its first ever Men’s DH Double World Cup Podium with Brook… More ›

The John Sutherlands of the World

0 By on Thursday July 3 2014

    Beng Kidney is just like you. He eats the whole packet of biscuits and is concerned that his perception of self is derived from external prescription. There’s a little Kidney in us all. – If you’ve waddled your way through the turning-age-tome “Zen… More ›

Leonard’s Last Dance

9 By on Wednesday July 2 2014 in Leonard Lovespoke

Leonard Lovespoke was killed at the weekend. Not a dignified, quiet death. But a violent and ugly death. It happened while out mountain biking, poetically. Something went horribly wrong descending the famed Trickle Falls and Leonard plummeted two metres, breaking the fall with his own face.… More ›

Dirty Electric Dreams

4 By on Wednesday July 2 2014 in Hey Mate

Hey Mate, can I share a dirty little secret with you? Ever since I saw this video on the internet, I just can’t stop thinking about it. I lie in bed at night dreaming about riding one, owning one and what I would strap… sorry,… More ›

Buying the Correct Farm

0 By on Wednesday July 2 2014 in Beng Kidney

  Beng Kidney is just like you. He rides for the lifestyle and to stay ahead of the shadow of the existential wave that looms above, cresting from the asphalt and shimmering with the screens of smartphones. There’s a little Kidney in us all. -… More ›

Show Your Support For Castle Hill Trails

0 By on Tuesday July 1 2014 in Exclusives

The folks responsible for some of the country’s best singletrack in the Craigieburn Forest Park at Castle Hill are running a bit of fundraiser for the trail network so they can keep maintaining and expanding what’s on offer. The Castle Hill Community Association have organised the… More ›

Smashing through trail after trail in Woodhill Forest

0 By on Monday June 30 2014

http://youtu.be/pSa9zA3Y2Zc John Colthorpe is at it again this time with a slick entry into Giant’s Dream Intern video contest featuring the riding of Tom Fox and all filmed at Auckland’s Woodhill Forest. Get yourself on another level as you make your way smashing through trail… More ›

Want a Job? Wide Open want you

0 By on Monday June 30 2014

Wide Open Distributors are seeking a Sales Representative. This role is an exciting opportunity for a Sales Representative to manage our South Island dealer network and also work alongside our customer service team based in Rotorua. This is a full time position. Experience within the… More ›

Drone Wars

0 By on Monday June 30 2014

Drones are pretty common things these days. You’ll see them hovering around at most races and it’s not a film shoot now without a Phantom II hovering above you. Well, this drone that’s up on Kickstarter right now takes all that’s good about every other… More ›

New rubber from WTB

0 By on Monday June 30 2014 in New products

A bunch of new tyres just showed up from WTB’s local distributor KRD Imports. Dave got really excited because he needs some new rubber for his bike, but then was let down just as quickly when he was told that none of these are for… More ›