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Registration Opens Thursday for Crankworx Rotorua

0 By on Tuesday January 20 2015 in Racing

Registration for the first two events of the inaugural Crankworx Rotorua opens 9 a.m. NZDT Thursday, January 22 and those lucky enough to secure a spot can expect to ride with the best. Athletes interested in racing the Toa Enduro Rotorua,and the Crankworx Rotorua Downhill… More ›

Lyttelton Urban Downhill Video

0 By on Sunday January 18 2015

The normally peaceful Port town of Lyttelton, New Zealand changes to a place of high speed chaos when mountain bikers invade the streets once a year for the Lyttelton Urban Downhill. Racers push their limits down the 1.3km course over driveways, through backyards, off garage… More ›

Paul Langlands is a badass

0 By on Thursday January 15 2015

Kiwi BMXer Paul Langlands is one tough, determined visionary. For him, it’s not enough to be widely touted as one of the ballsiest dirtjumpers in the world. Titles mean nothing to him, really. For Langers, riding a BMX is all about pushing himself and the… More ›

Kelly McGarry joins the YT family

0 By on Thursday January 15 2015

YT doesn’t just make the team wider, this time they’ve made it even higher. Kelly McGarry joins the YT family. YT Industries is looking forward to grow their team: The specialist for gravity mountain bikes is signing up the first Kiwi, Kelly McGarry, to their… More ›

Worsleys trails face temporary logging

4 By on Wednesday January 14 2015 in Exclusives

I guess it had to happen. After months of nervous anticipation since the first notices of intent to extract deadfall from MacVicars/Worsleys surfaced on the Gravity Canterbury site, countless minutes of speculative trail banter and hours of dusty summer laps jammed in to wring out… More ›

Jerome Clementz announces 2015 Partners

0 By on Wednesday January 14 2015 in Racing

Jérôme Clementz has set up his new team for 2015. Managing his own structure, Jey had the opportunity to choose the best partners that share his vision of the sport and provide the best product to enjoy riding while pushing the boundaries of the sport.… More ›

Aaron Chase rides a Fat Bike (well)

0 By on Wednesday January 14 2015

I just can’t keep up. It seems every fricken company now has a fat bike in their line up but not everyone has an Aaron Chase. This launch video for Pivot’s Les Fat bike takes the cake and showcases Aaron’s unique style of riding. I… More ›

443 Builds new jump track off Snow Farm

0 By on Tuesday January 13 2015

I’d heard stories that the Wanaka’s 443 boys had put in a new jump line lower on the Snow Farm access road. This QBT video though provides the proof. The jumps and hips look amazing, although it appears you will need to bring your pedal… More ›

Coming Soon: 440 Enduro V2.

0 By on Monday January 12 2015 in Exclusives

After the success of their first ever race event back in November, Fourforty Bike Park are set to throw down the second round of their summer enduro races on the 24/25th Jan. Everyone who hit the last event will attest to the fact that these… More ›

Evil Bikes gain a Following

0 By on Monday January 12 2015

In our latest issue the Rodfather waxes enthusiastically about the Evil Bikes Uprising, their 26″ wheeled trail bike that has been doing the rounds for a couple of years now. He was super impressed by the DELTA suspension’s climbing ability and plushness, but wondered if… More ›

Makara gets new digger built trail

9 By on Friday January 9 2015 in Exclusives

About an hour ago I offended the Kennett Brothers. It wasn’t intentional and I have apologised… But in my offending I learned a couple of things about Makara that I’ve conveniently forgotten over the last 15 or so years. You see, I was going to… More ›

Kieran Bennett signs with Santa Cruz New Zealand

0 By on Thursday January 8 2015

This is some cool news! Here at Spoke we’ve been following Kieran Bennett’s career since he first appeared in the early pages of Spoke as a 14-year-old! Well he’s come a long way, having raced internationally at World Cup level and spent time as one… More ›

Scott adds Neko Mulally to the team

0 By on Thursday January 8 2015 in Racing

It’s news that most knew already but as of today it’s official. Neko Mulally is now riding for the Scott/Gstaad team. For the Scott/Gstaad team though it’s been a matter of out with most of the old and in with the new with Emilie Siegenthaler,… More ›

Worship some more: Church Two

0 By on Wednesday January 7 2015

Church was one of the best videos of the last year (or more really), and the second installment features more of the same: rad looking trails, great riding skills and some cool close-up/slo-mo shots. It’s January. Winter vibes have descended upon us. The nonsensical daylight savings… More ›