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0 By on Friday September 26 2014

DAY 5 /// VALDEBLORE – SOSPEL – Distance: 39.61km D+: 1328m D-: 3076m Tiredness, attrition, wear and tear – day 5 is where it shows. A broken rib, smashed knuckles, most people carrying some kind of grazes somewhere, smooth riders pinch-flatting, and other people mysteriously… More ›


2 By on Thursday September 25 2014 in Racing

DAY 4 /// GUILLAUMES → VALDEBLORE → Distance: 42.71km D+ : 716m D- : 2453m Every day we start our press release with some stats – height gained, height lost, distance covered and for you that are following the racing closely we also have more… More ›

Transition drop possibly the best release video EVER

1 By on Thursday September 25 2014

And it even uses Public Enemy for a song!!! The GiddyUp link is the newest suspension platform from Transition Bikes, and is now featured on four entirely new models in three wheel sizes. Each frame has a very distinctive riding characteristic to suit your style… More ›

MAVIC TRANS-PROVENCE 2014 // Day three

1 By on Wednesday September 24 2014

DAY 3 /// VILLARS-COLMARS → GUILLAUMES → Distance: 39.21km D+ : 1327m D- : 3086m Reprieve!! By most people’s daily mountain bike ride standards if you’d just ridden 40km with the best part of 1500m of climbing you’d probably bandy around the word ‘epic’. If… More ›

Bobby Goldsbury eat your bloody heart out!!!

5 By on Tuesday September 23 2014

Damn and I thought Bobby Goldsbury was rad, but crazy Austrian Johannes Pistrol riding the Steinerne Rinne from Goinger Halt takes the cake, upping the game considerably. The only question I have is why even bother wear a helmet? It’s not gonna do much, right?… More ›


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PRADS → VILLARS-COLMARS – Distance: 38.49 km D+ : 1710m D- : 2026m Our illustrious Race Director Ash Smith has kept himself well out of the way for most of today until the final timing station of the day where he, as usual, welcomed in… More ›


0 By on Monday September 22 2014 in Racing

DAY 1 /// CLAMENSANE – DIGNE – Distance: 39.15km D+ : 1516m D- : 2107m Day One of this year’s Mavic Trans-provence: 39km on the map with a bit of up and down. It can’t be so tough, right? A few years ago this same… More ›


0 By on Sunday September 21 2014 in Racing

LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN. Day 0 In 2009 a group of 32 friends (and friends of friends) from across the planet rode the inaugural Trans-Provence. Ash Smith was a man with a plan, and it was plan he wanted to share. An addiction to maps… More ›

Jerome Clementz, taking it easy…

0 By on Saturday September 20 2014 in Racing

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Jerome’s return to all-duro racing since his big crash at a French race knocked him out for the most of the EWS calendar after winning the first round. He’s done three races leading up to the Trans Provence… More ›

Rake and Ride with the Coastal Crew

2 By on Friday September 19 2014

The Coastal Crew have been searching for that ideal zone with endless natural lines for years, that one magic zone they could walk into with hand tools, rake, ride and repeat. The goal was to embrace natural terrain, find the limits of traction and most… More ›