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Keeping the consistency going! EWS Round 5

0 By on Wednesday July 30 2014

July 28, 2014. Next stop on the EWS Calendar was Winter Park, Colorado. This round presented a few differences to previous races, such as the bike park environment, which saw the racing moving away from the European alpine terrain, and also racing at high altitude.… More ›

Win Fox Fork and Shock Decals

2 By on Tuesday July 29 2014 in New products

When Fox announced their new 36 fork a few months back they combined that release with the very cool news that they were also releasing a bunch of sticker packs to let you match your fork to your frame. Well they are here now and… More ›

Lisa Horlor gives a whole lot of love

1 By on Tuesday July 29 2014

We brought you news of Rotorua’s (possibly New Zealand’s) first crowd funded trail a few weeks back. Well, we just got this email from Gaz at NZO letting us know that the legend that is Lisa Horlor mostly stripped off to raise money for the… More ›

Must Watch: Rose and Jackson Green – Stoked

3 By on Tuesday July 29 2014

We brought you a story on Rose and Jackson Green’s tandem addiction five or so years back in Spoke. Well they just dropped this cool little clip of them shredding the top section of Cheesy DH in Castle Hill and it seems they’ve come a long… More ›

It’s Tricky

4 By on Friday July 25 2014 in Exclusives

The Ride SMC crew are back with another video of, well, you’ll have to watch it and work it out for yourself! Yo yo yo peeps the hip hop is about to drop (to unforgivably low levels) Ride SMC is in the howlse! I see there are… More ›

This Journey is for you

0 By on Monday July 21 2014 in Exclusives

Our friends at Journey put out a great magazine for sure. If you haven’t checked it out then you need to correct that… and you can help them to keep bringing the good stuff by chucking in a few bucks towards Volume Five. More details to… More ›

Yeti launch SB5c with Switch Infinity Suspension

5 By on Friday July 18 2014

Holy surprise launch, Yeti! Well, we certainly knew little about this bike, or at least the new technology that Yeti have introduced with the new SB5c. There were rumblings that Yeti were jumping into the 5 inch travel, medium-wheel market with an all-new bike, but the… More ›

FOX presents FMD Racing

0 By on Thursday July 17 2014 in Racing

FOX have proudly supported Tahnee Seagrave and her quest for the rainbow stripes for the last five years. Over this period a natural evolution of the setup was to expand into a full Junior development team (FMD Racing) in order to help other up and… More ›

Seven till Eight

0 By on Thursday July 17 2014

  Beng Kidney is just like you. He works for the weekend and when the weekend arrives he can’t remember the weekdays. There’s a little Kidney in us all. – I live in the valley There are trees here. They didn’t want it, roots painted… More ›

The Trail Fund NZ survey is back!

1 By on Tuesday July 15 2014

This is your chance to help yourself by helping Trail Fund NZ get better data on trail users around the country. The summary data from this survey can be used by trail advocates around New Zealand to make the case for better support of trails… More ›

Press Release: EWS4 – Memorable debut for La Thuile

0 By on Monday July 14 2014

A breathtaking final has just closed the epic weekend at La Thuile. This first-time involvement of the Aosta Valley venue in the Enduro World Series has been remarkable and the Round ran perfectly from all perspectives. The organising machine worked really well and it brought… More ›