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The Best Run at Leogang

2 By on Monday June 16 2014

Aaron Gwin manages to ride the whole Leogang DH course faster than most of us ever could… on the rim. If I was Caleb I’d say that this is amazing, and he’d/I’d be right. More ›

How to Do Everything in the World!

2 By on Friday June 13 2014

Being 6’4″, flying for me is fraught with discomfort, especially now in the days of JetStar and Southwest’s budget cramped seating. And because I’m a cheapskate, I’m not paying extra for the exit row (although when it’s offered for free I’m there in a flash).… More ›

Having a Fling

0 By on Friday June 13 2014 in Exclusives

Ever wanted to ride an 11 year-old singlespeed for 550 miles across the Scottish Highlands? No, me either. But old friend of Spoke, Markus ‘Magnus’ Stitz is one crazy ex-Wellingtonian German who did just that recently at the Highland Trail 550, punching out 100 miles on… More ›

Remy Absalon launches the SCOTT SR Suntour Enduro Team

2 By on Friday June 13 2014

Scott and Enduro stalwart Remy Absalon have just released this rad video introducing Remy’s new Enduro team. Obviously they’re all shredding the 27.5 Genius LT Tuned which you can’t buy here… yet. Here’s hoping 2015 changes all that because it is one seriously amazing bike!… More ›

Leogang Course Pre-Run with Claudio

0 By on Friday June 13 2014

Claudio Caluori is back with his fantastic helmet cam preview of this weekend’s gnarly World Cup DH course in Leogang, Austria. He brings along Madison/Saracen team manager Will Longden this time, who doesn’t have such a great time… More ›

Ode to Trail Fairies

0 By on Monday June 9 2014 in Exclusives

Conor Macfarlane finds the Trail Fairies and salutes the great work they do…   You know those twisty, bermed, flowy paths that run through the hills all over the world? Well, it’s common knowledge that trail fairies materialise when we’re not around and maintain these paths we… More ›