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Hardtales 6: Smaller is Simpler

3 By on Tuesday September 16 2014 in HardTales

  For some reason I’ve been following this housing trend around small houses. Only have what you need and everything else is noise. I like this. My house now isn’t big––about 100 square metres. For a family with two growing boys in this day and… More ›

Win Sweet Cheeks packs!

0 By on Monday September 15 2014 in Exclusives

Sweet Cheeks products have been gracing the limbs and nether regions of the Spoke staff for a while now, helping us sit in the saddle for long rides in comfort, easing our aging and aching muscles, and healing the scrapes and cuts from the inevitable… More ›

Beyond the Bike with Danny Hart

0 By on Monday September 15 2014

Danny Hart set the world of downhill alight on the 4th of September 2011. In rain-soaked Champery, Danny beat the best by 11.699s in a run that has gone more than viral ever since. That run projected the ‘Redcar Rocket’ to superstardom but it also… More ›

Why This World Should End… and The Cure

0 By on Saturday September 13 2014

Enlightenment comes in many forms, and music is one of the best mediums to make you think about the way the world works, either in a light, uplifting way, or with the brutal reality of all that is unjust and wrong with this planet. This… More ›

Spoke 58 out this week!

1 By on Monday September 8 2014

Issue 58 will be in shops Thursday and could be in your letterbox now! Here’s what’s in it for you… First up, check out that cover. It’s a bit of a different look for Spoke, and we love it! Graeme Murray delivers the goods again… More ›

The Ghost Road Enduro is coming!

1 By on Friday September 5 2014

Just when you thought there wasn’t room on your calendar for another enduro event, the good folk at the Buller MTB Club have gone and announced this bad boy to fill up the 31st of January. Yup, the Ghost Road Enduro is what it says,… More ›

Palmer Returns

1 By on Wednesday September 3 2014

Shaun Palmer, much like punk, is not dead. No doubt this guy changed mountain biking, especially on the downhill side of things. Now he’s coming back to the sport, to where he started, with Intense Cycles. He’ll be developing up-and-coming riders, whether that means teaching… More ›