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NZ Subscription

Get Spoke delivered to your doorstep, five issues a year (February, April, June, September and December), for 25% less than the cover price (shipping costs are included in the cost of Australian and international subscriptions). Subscriptions start from the next available issue, not the current. Everyone should have one. This is an essential element to a healthy and successful life, even if you have to scrimp on lattes for a week. A standard one year subscription to Spoke is only $35 (NZ only).

NZ Subscription Plus T-Shirt

Currently we have a special offer of a one year subscription + Spoke Logo T-Shirt for the ridiculous price of $75.00.

NZ Two Year Subscription

For the ultra cheap price of $65.00 you can subscribe for two years (NZ only). Sit back and let the magazines roll in.

Australian Subscription

We are looking out for all you ex-pats and Aussie mongrels too. For NZ$52.00 we will ship you a year’s worth of Spoke across the Tasman to your door. More details here.

International Subscription

Everyone else out there in the big wide world have a look here for international rates.

Change of Address

Email us or phone +64 4 586 0003. Send us your old and new address along with a contact phone number. If your subscription is undeliverable and we are not contacted with a corrected address within the period of your subscription, we have no further obligations.