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Back in the Belgian Chain Gang

0 By on Friday January 17 2014 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

Wandering through yet another airport terminal, I was surreptitiously struck by just how quiet it was around me. While quite a few people were bustling along either on the powered treadmill-like walkway or naturally with foot on ground, there was no din. It was perfectly… More ›

Bryksy Cross W Polsce

1 By on Sunday January 5 2014 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

After I had gathered my wits about me, waking at about 4 or 5am after a few hours’ sleep, I was able to think about the race that lay ahead in Gosciécin. I had seen some footage from the previous year which featured riders clapping… More ›


2 By on Saturday March 9 2013 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

A few months ago, while in the depths of the Belgian winter, I was offered a small ray of sunlight from the other side of the world. It was more the prospect of a glimmer of sunshine and warmth, something to distract me at a… More ›

Kiwis of the Worlds

2 By on Friday February 22 2013 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

The second week of my time in Kentucky saw the arrival of the rest of the Australasian, and so too the entire southern hemisphere, cyclocross contingent. This consisted of 7 people, with five nationalities represented – Genevieve Whitson, Kiwi racer based in Scotland and her… More ›

Murry Chrossmas

3 By on Friday January 4 2013 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

Merry belated Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year. I don’t have all that much more energy for celebrations at the moment, as the last couple of weeks have been quite different to any of my life until this point. For a start Christmas was cold… More ›

Mud, Sand and Gears

6 By on Wednesday November 28 2012 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

The last two weekends have featured some of the coolest and most unique races of the Belgian cyclocross season. After getting sick for a couple more days following Hamme-Zogge I eventually started to feel better, and by the end of the week was able to… More ›

Modder of Fact

3 By on Saturday October 27 2012 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

After the broiled cess pit of a bog that was Laarne a fortnight ago, I thought I’d encountered some of the worst that Belgium’s rain on recently harvested cornfields could produce. The following week I had a painful but exciting frolic around the NZ pasturescape… More ›

Modder of God

3 By on Friday October 12 2012 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

Last weekend I had my first taste of real Belgian mud, or modder as it is called here. I was encouraged to enter the race by my friend and local ex-pat-to-Belgian convert Darryn Medhurst. It was just down the road from his house, and he’d… More ›

Hoboken Bonobo Bro

3 By on Wednesday September 26 2012 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

After my awesome virginal experience with the professionals last weekend, I let my fledgling ambitions of fandom take a back seat and once again found myself staring at the rear ends of what was this time a massive field in the B grade at Hoboken.… More ›

2012 Specialized National Cyclocross Champs

0 By on Tuesday April 24 2012 in Racing

Just got this press release from the folks at Cyclocross Hawkes Bay regarding the UCI sanctioned New Zealand Cross Champs. It seems that ‘Cross is growing exponentially here. Well it better be, ’cause we’re only 110 years behind the French on this one. We have… More ›

Cyclocross madness

0 By on Monday November 15 2010 in Racing

This is why Americans can’t do well at cross World Champ events; cause they are pussies compared to these hard Euro mofos. Even when the cross World Champs comes to the US soon, they will still suck. More ›