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2012 Specialized National Cyclocross Champs

0 By on Tuesday April 24 2012 in Racing

Just got this press release from the folks at Cyclocross Hawkes Bay regarding the UCI sanctioned New Zealand Cross Champs. It seems that ‘Cross is growing exponentially here. Well it better be, ’cause we’re only 110 years behind the French on this one. We have… More ›

Cyclocross madness

0 By on Monday November 15 2010 in Racing

This is why Americans can’t do well at cross World Champ events; cause they are pussies compared to these hard Euro mofos. Even when the cross World Champs comes to the US soon, they will still suck. More ›


0 By on Wednesday November 4 2009

Looks like Spoke contributor and legendary filmmaker Brian Vernor has a bit of time on his hands at the moment. Hot on the heels of  Where Are You Go comes his second Cross film The Cyclecross Meeting which explores the currently exploding US cyclocross scene,… More ›