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Drop In New Zealand Episode 13 – Best Of

0 By on Monday April 14 2014

Get ready for a whirlwind tour of New Zealand riding spots. The Best of Drop In New Zealand is exactly what it says it is, and worth watching every second of its 24 minutes. The Kiwi rider showreel kicks in at 17 minutes. Over the… More ›

Drop In New Zealand Episode 8 – Wellington

0 By on Monday March 24 2014

Today’s Drop In New Zealand flashback comes from Wellington. The North Island saw a lot of changes for the crew make-up. Producer Mike Johansen (who kept a tight ship) was replaced by producer Tim Bieber (who liked to party) and we were joined by riders… More ›

Drop In New Zealand Comes to YouTube

0 By on Sunday February 16 2014

Nine years ago a bunch of the world’s best freeriders arrived in Christchurch Airport to make a TV show of their adventures around New Zealand. The series captures a slice of New Zealand mountain biking as it was in early 2005, containing trails, trials, tribulations,… More ›