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Nelson Codgers Enduro Results

2 By on Wednesday May 22 2013 in Exclusives, Racing

While the world’s MTB media and global community were focused on the Mediterranean and the Italian slopes of Punta Ala yesterday, a crowd of charging Enduro racers were replicating the inaugural Enduro World Series energy at a place called Nelson at the top of the… More ›

Super D is Still Dead – Long Live Enduro

3 By on Monday July 16 2012 in Racing

Finally people are starting to get it that one race down one hill is not what all-mountain racing is about (Downieville, Mega and Mountain of Hell are the exceptions). Enduro Racing is like the Six Million Dollar man to Super D’s The Flash. The folks… More ›

What is Enduro?

0 By on Monday April 23 2012 in Racing

There’s plenty of descriptions for Enduro racing out there, but I just stumbled across this video from the Bell Super Enduro up in Santa Cruz’s Demo Forest last week. This video breaks it down and makes it pretty damn clear, well, Ali G does. Watch… More ›

Brother Ryan gets hooked up on Pivot

8 By on Thursday December 1 2011 in Racing

The Revolution Products DH team has been around for last five seasons and they’ve enjoyed a huge amount of success, but have decided to grow the team and now they’ve added their first Super D/Enduro DH rider to showcase Pivot’s rad trail bikes. So Chris… More ›


0 By on Monday June 29 2009 in Reviews

There’s a 2010 Specialized product release taking place right now in the US at Snowbird Ski Resort. Mountain Bike got the jump on everyone seeing they have been testing the new Stumpy but had been embargoed until today when they posted pics and exstensive details.… More ›