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Protect your head protector

0 By on Thursday October 10 2013 in Exclusives

The Giro helmet pod is nothing new, and unfortunately out of the new crop of #buzzword helmets it only fits the Scott Stego. It does however fit pretty much every road helmet ever made, Giro’s Hex, Xar and Xen models as well as the new… More ›

For Your Eyes Only: Giro Privateer

0 By on Thursday November 24 2011 in Reviews

I’ve been rocking a pair of Giro’s high end carbon soled Codes for a while now and raved about them in the current issue of Spoke but at $400+ they aren’t for everyone’s wallet. The good news is Giro’s distributor WH Worrall’s have just landed… More ›


0 By on Friday October 8 2010

When he’s not fighting evil exes Spoke contributor Seb Kemp is popping up in random bike catalogues left, right and centre. First it’s the front and back cover of the 2011 Santa Cruz catalogue, now it’s the 2011 Giro catalogue and website (with our buddy… More ›