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0 By on Tuesday May 31 2011 in Exclusives

Photographer Stefan Haworth was up Skyline for the last run of the season on Sunday and managed to capture a bit of the vibe that went down. Moments after this photo was shot the entire posse headed off in a massive super train down the… More ›

McMassive back on the horse

0 By on Monday February 21 2011

“Well it’s been three weeks since I came into contact with planet earth at a great rate of knots and broke my collarbone. I have been doing a fair bit of rehab stuff trying to get it working but at the end of the day… More ›


0 By on Monday November 15 2010

It’s been a while since we brought you any kind of update on the Gondola situation in Queenstown but I just checked out Skyline’s site and it looks as if everything is on track! Skyline are building a new ticketing window (to keep bikes separate… More ›