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the South hits iTunes!!

0 By on Thursday May 16 2013

Pieter Reichwein and Toby Nowland Foreman’s second epic New Zealand mountain bike movie the South is now available on iTunes. Catch all the mountain bike action you’ll ever need from top New Zealand riders, like Justin Leov, Cam Cole, Connor Macfarlane and  Kelly McGarry. Pieter Reichwein… More ›

Justin Leov x Signal Hill

1 By on Friday March 22 2013 in Off topic

Derek Morrison has just posted up this clip of J Lo smashing out a mission from Signal Hill to St Clair. For those that have ridden in Dunedin you might notice Derek’s used a little artistic license to get J Lo across town, but it’s… More ›

Trek World Racing vs Fort William

1 By on Wednesday June 20 2012 in Racing

Relive the World Cup race at Fort William through the eyes of the Trek World Racing team. From dry conditions to rain on Sunday, Fort William is once again one of the most challenging courses on the circuit. Despite some traction issues in qualifying, this… More ›