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Full Teva Slopestyle vid is up!!!

1 By on Monday April 16 2012 in Off topic

We’ve been waiting for this Teva Slopestyle clip of Haimona’s to drop all week, considering half the footage was filmed by us. Anyhow it’s here, and you can find out why you need to be in Queenstown for the WHOLE of the Bike Festival next… More ›

Diaries Downunder Episode 3

0 By on Wednesday March 21 2012 in Off topic

The boys at Reason Films have just released the latest installment in their MTB version of Diaries Downunder. In this episode Kelly and Josh head out Skippers Canyon way in search of virgin terrain and get a bit of a history lesson from Josh Clark.… More ›

Kelly McGarry X JonTV

3 By on Friday February 10 2012 in Off topic

So if you haven’t seen enough of Kelly or the deep south yet JonTV has dropped another clip to whet your appetite and get you on a plane before the snow arrives. Jon has let the 4 minute web clip rule go out the window… More ›

Diaries Downunder – Episode 2!

0 By on Tuesday January 31 2012 in Off topic

The Diaries Downunder boys have just dropped their second episode and this one features ex-World Cup shredder Nathan Rennie and hair farmer Kelly McGarry (who seems to be in EVERYONE’S clips at the moment) and some ginger lad called Si. More ›

JonTV x Queenstown

0 By on Sunday December 25 2011 in Exclusives, Off topic

So I’ve been travelling the last few days with no Internet access so have been sitting on a few updates. Jon Bokrantz brought us that cool little clip about the Outside Sports pump track a few days ago and here he introduces the start of… More ›

What’s wrong with Huntly?

0 By on Saturday November 12 2011 in Exclusives

Well after today’s excursion to Chris Beverland’s recently revamped jumps (See Red Bull Back Yard Digger post here) I can’t say much, although we did turn out of the town after about only 50m of it… but it was an all right 50m. After the… More ›

Spoke/ABD Pumptrack almost complete…

1 By on Thursday November 10 2011 in Off topic

After leaving Wellington at 3am this morning for Hamilton, I rendezvoused with Kelly McGarry and ABD’s John Oldale and Chris Beverland at Claudelands. The spray paint was laid down and Dave, the world’s best Bobcat driver (well maybe as good as Tom) got to work.… More ›

Kelly McGarry V LKTV!

1 By on Friday November 4 2011

  Kelly “McMassive” McGarry or Kelly “my arm has a vagina” McGarry as Caleb put it, shreds Queenstown for my camera. Kelly is one of the hardest working riders out there, putting massive effort into his video segments.   More ›

GoPro and McMassive up the game

1 By on Tuesday August 23 2011 in Off topic

The helmet cam market is growing every other day, but GoPro seem to find new ways of upping the ante, like this Matrix style clip filmed with a tonne of GoPros on the Crankworx course. It’s not long enough I hear you say? Well if… More ›