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Murry Chrossmas

3 By on Friday January 4 2013 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

Merry belated Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year. I don’t have all that much more energy for celebrations at the moment, as the last couple of weeks have been quite different to any of my life until this point. For a start Christmas was cold… More ›

Mud, Sand and Gears

6 By on Wednesday November 28 2012 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

The last two weekends have featured some of the coolest and most unique races of the Belgian cyclocross season. After getting sick for a couple more days following Hamme-Zogge I eventually started to feel better, and by the end of the week was able to… More ›


0 By on Wednesday June 10 2009 in Reviews

So I received a copy of Clay Porter’s new film The Tipping Point in the mail yesterday and watched it last night in 32″ of LCD beauty. And I have to say it doesn’t disappoint. More ›


0 By on Wednesday June 3 2009

Scolesy kills it in the weekend at the first round of the IXS European Downhill Cup finishing second behind condom sponsored Duncan Riffle. More ›


0 By on Wednesday May 27 2009

Jon Drew’s long awaited New Zealand MTB film Local Knowledge 2 (reviewed in Spoke 32) has finally arrived from the replicators and they are flying out the Wideopen Distributors door. Save yourself a trip to the local bike shop and buy one right now from… More ›


0 By on Wednesday May 27 2009

Trek World Racing have a YouTube channel. And they update it with DH and XC content. Check it out here. More ›