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Lewis Jones shreds Raglan for the day

0 By on Wednesday February 13 2013 in Off topic

Lewis Jones has been learning a few new tricks and this banger of a little clip shows just how gnarly things are gonna get this year, with Lewis dropping superwhips, whips, bar spins and truck drivers on demand. The Teva Slopestyle is going to be… More ›

Lewis Jones vs A Line

0 By on Thursday August 2 2012 in Off topic

With New Zealand now producing more than two slopestyle riders hopefully we’ll see a few more vids like this coming out of the massive Kiwi contingent currently in Whistler. Between Phil McLean, Conor Macfarlane, Kelly McGarry and Lewis Jones there’s going to be a tonne… More ›

Lewis Jones ABD Level vs the world

1 By on Thursday July 5 2012 in New products

We’ve seen this bike before in its prototype stages being tested by Tim Hunter in an Auckland Quarry but this is the first look at the production version of ABD’s slopestyle bike, the Level. This particular bike was built up for ABD rider Lewis Jones… More ›

ABD’s Great Southern Road Trip

5 By on Wednesday May 30 2012 in Off topic

As the Teva Slopestyle was wrapping up, a bunch of ABD riders were arriving in Queenstown to begin a little roadie with filmer/photographer extraordinaire Ryan McCrae. This clip shows the results. As you can see, it was a good trip. More ›

Full Teva Slopestyle vid is up!!!

1 By on Monday April 16 2012 in Off topic

We’ve been waiting for this Teva Slopestyle clip of Haimona’s to drop all week, considering half the footage was filmed by us. Anyhow it’s here, and you can find out why you need to be in Queenstown for the WHOLE of the Bike Festival next… More ›

Lewis Jones X Ryan McCrae

0 By on Tuesday February 7 2012 in Off topic

Waikato rippers Lewis Jones and Ryan McCrae have teamed up to bring you this rad little clip. Since the Spoke article on Lewis Jones dropped last issue, ABD picked up Lewis and this is the first we’ve got to see of him shredding his new… More ›

Lewis Jones signs with ABD

0 By on Wednesday December 21 2011 in Exclusives

A few weeks back ABD brand and team manager (and spokemagazine.com blogger) Jon Oldale hung out at Chris Beverland’s recently revamped jumps. Lewis was there too and Jon was well impressed. Actually he was so impressed he offered him a spot on the ABD team… More ›