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Spoke 51 is out now!

0 By on Monday May 6 2013 in Exclusives

Spoke 51 is here, and we’ve shaken off the 50th birthday hangover with a great issue. Conor Macfarlane nabs the cover and a rad feature story. A couple of German tourists ditch the trailers to sample the best of Kiwi singletrack. The Wide Open crew… More ›

Passes and Breaks part two

0 By on Monday April 8 2013 in Exclusives, Off topic

A few weeks back we sent you to check out Camilla Stoddart’s blog posts on her epic road trip with Kelly McGarry and Canadians Mike Hopkins and Casey Brown. Well since then she has posted up the final two posts in the blog and damn… More ›

Wide Open vs Central

0 By on Wednesday January 16 2013 in Exclusives, Off topic

It’s been a while since the whole Wide Open team has been together, but this morning they all rendezvoused in Alexandra for a quick road trip through Central Otago. Conor Macfarlane, Matt Scoles, Brett Frew and Kelly McGarry were joined by Canadian big mountain rider… More ›

Mike Hopkins x The North Face

1 By on Wednesday July 18 2012 in Off topic

Mike Hopkins rules. That’s a fact. And this feelgood trail riding video just adds to his impressive list of rad parts. The other good thing about it is you get a peek at some of The North Face’s rad MTB clothes that will be hitting… More ›


0 By on Wednesday May 18 2011

Pro skier/MTBer and LifeCycles star Mike Hopkins quit long time sponsor Scott BikesĀ  over six months ago and went all winter sponsor-less (for bikes). Today he announced that he’s signed to Canadian bike company Knolly, and dropped this sweet clip to celebrate. I want to… More ›