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Love, Live, Laugh with Sabrina Jonnier

0 By on Saturday September 22 2012 in From Anka with Love

The downhill racing world had to say “Au Revoir” to another legend at the end of this season, and this time it was the “always smiling”, pink obsessed, super pinned, Sabrina Jonnier bidding us farewell and stepping away from being a professional downhill racer. Never… More ›


0 By on Wednesday July 15 2009

For those that missed it the first time Anthill has reposted up the second Shimano ad. It makes for good viewing, trust me. This Saint ad features Wade Simmons and Andrew Shandro riding some sweet muddy trails and the camera work is NEXT level. More ›


0 By on Wednesday June 10 2009 in Reviews

So I received a copy of Clay Porter’s new film The Tipping Point in the mail yesterday and watched it last night in 32″ of LCD beauty. And I have to say it doesn’t disappoint. More ›


0 By on Sunday June 7 2009

That’s right, Jono finally got his stuff together and organised a winter Super D series. There are some cool tracks and twists planned for the series and we will be posting all the info you need up here on the Spoke website. For the uninitiated… More ›