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The Old Ghost Road comes to life.

2 By on Tuesday February 5 2013 in From Anka with Love

This past weekend was the much-awaited opening of a 26km section of the Old Ghost Rd track out in Lyell. We’ve been hearing and reading little bits and pieces for a while now about this new classic trail being constructed, so when they advertised that they… More ›

Paul Bas stomps double backflip on natural terrain

2 By on Tuesday May 1 2012 in Off topic

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, professional freeride mountain bike athlete Paul Basagoitia can now add a natural terrain double backflip to his list of accomplishments. Taking place just outside Page, AZ, Paul has cemented himself in history by raising the bar of freeride mountain biking to… More ›

North is the new South

0 By on Tuesday November 22 2011 in Off topic

Just like Marcus Lush, photographer Dave Mitchell has decided to follow up last year’s MTB guidebook South with… um… North. It’s full of Dave’s photography (which means there are lots of pictures of his partner) and also his detailed descriptions of 34 of his favourite… More ›


1 By on Saturday January 23 2010 in Racing

Kieran Bennett has signed on to Dylan Dean’s new Dean Racing Development team for 2010 partnered with Tomac Bikes. Looks like the focus is North America races, but I’m sure we’ll see Bennett pop up at the odd World Cup. Full press release below. More ›


1 By on Wednesday December 16 2009

So there is no denying that Bike magazine is the best MTB magazine in the world! It was the first magazine to take MTB photographers seriously and has featured some of the most creative writing ever written about riding on two knobbly wheels. And it’s… More ›


4 By on Wednesday July 29 2009 in Exclusives

I just got this great e-mail from David Gordon in Hawkes Bay, where they have been night digging on a new trail inspired by Corners in Rotorua. It’s called Cannonball Lector and judging by the photos it looks like a lot of fun. More ›


0 By on Wednesday July 15 2009

For those that missed it the first time Anthill has reposted up the second Shimano ad. It makes for good viewing, trust me. This Saint ad features Wade Simmons and Andrew Shandro riding some sweet muddy trails and the camera work is NEXT level. More ›