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Back in the Belgian Chain Gang

0 By on Friday January 17 2014 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

Wandering through yet another airport terminal, I was surreptitiously struck by just how quiet it was around me. While quite a few people were bustling along either on the powered treadmill-like walkway or naturally with foot on ground, there was no din. It was perfectly… More ›

Kiwis of the Worlds

2 By on Friday February 22 2013 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

The second week of my time in Kentucky saw the arrival of the rest of the Australasian, and so too the entire southern hemisphere, cyclocross contingent. This consisted of 7 people, with five nationalities represented – Genevieve Whitson, Kiwi racer based in Scotland and her… More ›