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Drop In New Zealand Episode 13 – Best Of

0 By on Monday April 14 2014

Get ready for a whirlwind tour of New Zealand riding spots. The Best of Drop In New Zealand is exactly what it says it is, and worth watching every second of its 24 minutes. The Kiwi rider showreel kicks in at 17 minutes. Over the… More ›

Drop In New Zealand Episode 8 – Wellington

0 By on Monday March 24 2014

Today’s Drop In New Zealand flashback comes from Wellington. The North Island saw a lot of changes for the crew make-up. Producer Mike Johansen (who kept a tight ship) was replaced by producer Tim Bieber (who liked to party) and we were joined by riders… More ›

Ode to Queenstown

0 By on Tuesday November 6 2012 in Off topic

The best thing to happen to mountain biking in the Southern Lakes this summer is that Tim Pierce is back in love with two wheels, and making little movies like this ode to Queenstown. More ›

Gorge Rd madness

0 By on Friday February 10 2012 in Off topic

Queenstown photographer Miles Holden just flicked me through this recent shot of Queenstown’s Gorge Rd jumps. He shot the photo for an up and coming Red Bull BMX event that’s set to see some heavy hitters from Aussie and the US descend on the party… More ›