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Must Watch: Paul Langlands hits The Hills

1 By on Wednesday January 28 2015

Part one of the Ryan McCrae filmed Paul Langland’s series ‘The Hills’ just dropped and it’s a doozy. The journey of this shovel-built, natural terrain set of BMX jumps will not only push Langer’s limits but step him into the next frontier of BMX dirt.… More ›

ABD’s Great Southern Road Trip

5 By on Wednesday May 30 2012 in Off topic

As the Teva Slopestyle was wrapping up, a bunch of ABD riders were arriving in Queenstown to begin a little roadie with filmer/photographer extraordinaire Ryan McCrae. This clip shows the results. As you can see, it was a good trip. More ›

Red Bull vs the Deep South

1 By on Monday March 5 2012

It’s a super sunny day here in Wellington but the last couple of weeks have been pretty damn unpredictable right across the country. Rain and 90km winds aren’t the things you wish for when putting on an outdoor event and Red Bull must have had… More ›


0 By on Friday April 29 2011

Caleb’s tripping around the North of the North at the moment (well, Auckland) and this morning he popped by to see the folks at Avanti and ABD. The first news of interest is that SPOKE‘s good buddy Paul Langlands is teaming up with ABD to… More ›


0 By on Tuesday December 21 2010

SPOKE photographer Ryan McCrae is dropping heat weekly at the moment, which possibly has something to do with him recently finishing his photography studies at WINTEC in Hamilton. I’ve been sitting on this vid for a week now, under strict instructions from Ryan not to… More ›


1 By on Friday December 17 2010

Ryan McCrae comes correct with this quick edit from round two of the NZ Dirt Series a couple of weeks ago. That’s Lewis Jones repping for the MTB crowd and finishing 4th. Is he the best MTB dirtjumper (besides ‘part time’ MTBer Langlands himself) we… More ›