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Ode to Queenstown

0 By on Tuesday November 6 2012 in Off topic

The best thing to happen to mountain biking in the Southern Lakes this summer is that Tim Pierce is back in love with two wheels, and making little movies like this ode to Queenstown. More ›

The Teva Slopestyle has begun

0 By on Wednesday April 4 2012 in Exclusives

That’s right folks, the Teva Slopestyle has begun and shit is gonna get real (excuse the hip hop in me). But seriously, after just one practice session it seems that everyone has brought their A game. Conor Macfarlane is tricking everything; the step-down, the hip,… More ›

Gorge Rd madness

0 By on Friday February 10 2012 in Off topic

Queenstown photographer Miles Holden just flicked me through this recent shot of Queenstown’s Gorge Rd jumps. He shot the photo for an up and coming Red Bull BMX event that’s set to see some heavy hitters from Aussie and the US descend on the party… More ›

Queenstown Taxis

2 By on Thursday November 17 2011 in Off topic

Hungry for some Dirt Park action? I am after watching this nicely pieced together video by Jon Bokrantz for Queenstown Bike Taxis. From the QBT website, “Queenstown Bike Taxis offers a transport only service to help you and your bike get to the trails around… More ›

Kelly McGarry V LKTV!

1 By on Friday November 4 2011

  Kelly “McMassive” McGarry or Kelly “my arm has a vagina” McGarry as Caleb put it, shreds Queenstown for my camera. Kelly is one of the hardest working riders out there, putting massive effort into his video segments.   More ›

Conor Macfarlane V LKTV

2 By on Monday October 31 2011

Conor Macfarlane has had a great season overseas and is killing it in Queenstown for the summer. Here’s his clip from LKTV from the 2012 Wide Open Product Launch. More ›

Skyline Gondola opens this Saturday

10 By on Thursday September 15 2011 in Off topic

  Just got this press release in from the folks at Skyline. Looks like it’s all on. The world-class Queenstown Bike Park opens to the public for its first full season this Saturday (17 September), offering the only gondola-accessed downhill mountain biking in the southern… More ›

Teh-vah not Tee-vah

5 By on Friday July 8 2011 in Exclusives, New products, Reviews

Some of you may know that Caleb went on a wee road trip around the States recently. As well as sticking his beak in the secret drawers of Greg Herbold, stretching out in Ross Schnell’s planet killer, and discovering that we really weren’t blowing smoke… More ›

The Atherton's new clothes

0 By on Friday April 8 2011 in Reviews

If you live in Queenstown you may have seen the the Atherton trio rocking their new kit, although I know it was kept under tight lock and key. Anyway as of today the team kit and decals are out. In addition there are a few… More ›


0 By on Monday November 15 2010

It’s been a while since we brought you any kind of update on the Gondola situation in Queenstown but I just checked out Skyline’s site and it looks as if everything is on track! Skyline are building a new ticketing window (to keep bikes separate… More ›