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Jenna Makgill Rides the Homer Tunnel

1 By on Thursday December 1 2011 in Off topic

Jenna Makgill is one of those rare humans to possess both integrity and passion. Integrity in her own beliefs, her social conscious and respect for the environment she breathes and lives in. Passion for everything she does. “Do what you love and you will be… More ›

Atherton Project season 3 episode 6

0 By on Saturday August 13 2011 in Off topic

I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Atherton Project this series. It seems to have really stepped up and stopped just being a half arse attempt at a TV show. Now it is actually getting quite entertaining. I think this is largely attributable to Richard Cunynghame… More ›

20″ XC

1 By on Saturday August 13 2011 in Off topic

You need a 29er for that kind of riding. Nah, just roast it up on twenties mate. In episode two of the Red Bull Ride and Seek trip the crew hit up Moab on the little bikes. Unfortunately the weather stopped them from doing much.… More ›

Four Long Years: Brandon Semenuk at Joyride

2 By on Tuesday August 9 2011 in Off topic

This is by far the best edit to come out of the Red Bull Joyride/Crankworx media smorgasbord. Taylor Sage has been knocking out consistently amazing edits all year for Sram/Truvativ but this one goes one step further. Personal, insightful, and shows the building tension and… More ›


0 By on Wednesday July 27 2011 in Exclusives

Red Bull Joyride – Official Event Video – More Mountain Bike Videos I still get shivers looking at Crankworx Red Bull Joyride videos. When I see this epic edit by Freeride Entertainment, in coalition with Red Bull, I feel like I’m back in Saturday afternoon’s… More ›


0 By on Wednesday June 1 2011 in Racing

Don’t what happened here but we missed the boat on this one. I realise it’s been up on other sites for a few days now, but better late than never. Maybe we won’t drop the ball with the last one and maybe RedBull will even… More ›