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Let them eat Reverb Stealths!

2 By on Tuesday May 15 2012 in New products

I can quietly hear some boys at a local distributor freaking out right now, thinking I may have given up their little secret. But as of a couple of days ago it appears that the infamous Reverb Stealth (we told you about it here) is finally… More ›

RockShox sale on NOW!

0 By on Monday August 22 2011 in Off topic

I was ordering something for my bike the other day when Peter at SRAM informed me of some CRAZY prices they are offering dealers on selected 2011 forks. The closeout prices are to make way for the 2012 models; funny thing is though, most of… More ›

RockShox ups the game with new Reverb Stealth

4 By on Wednesday June 29 2011 in Reviews

So when I mentioned the other day that I’d seen something in Greg Herbold’s garage that would have people voiding warranties left right and centre, this was it. Greg was running the Reverb Stealth on almost his entire quiver, none of which were Treks or… More ›


0 By on Wednesday December 8 2010

We received a bunch of entries for the Rock Shox, Paper, Scissors comp. Rene Van Wonderen sent in this outstanding entry a little late; it was so good we decided to pony up with one more T-shirt. So if you’re still cutting, it’s time to… More ›