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Santa Cruz Trucker Hat Giveaway

0 By on Wednesday November 6 2013

We have two Santa Cruz trucker caps to give away. To win all you have to do is tell us why you deserve to receive one of these hats. Email your answers to shop@firstfloor.co.nz along with your name and address. Winners will be drawn on Tuesday 12th November. More ›

The Nomads ride the 2013 Blur XC & TallboyC

0 By on Wednesday August 1 2012 in Off topic

Chris Johnston & Dylan Wolsky of The Nomads ride Mills Peak, Sardine Lakes and Tamarack on the 2013 Blur XC and TallboyC near Downieville, California. If you live in Wellington, Chris may have delivered you a parcel when he was a cycle courier. Now I’m not… More ›

I want to go to Rotorua now!

8 By on Monday July 16 2012 in Off topic

Over on the Spoke Facebook page Richard Caudwell has been posting up a bunch of vids from Whakarewarewa. Digging a little deeper on his Facebook page I found this little nugget of the newly built Corridor Trail on Tokorangi Ridge. It shows a couple of… More ›

Truvativ x Nathan Riddle

0 By on Thursday July 7 2011 in Racing

Truvativ continues to pump out amazing videos which say more in three minutes than hours and hours of same-same web edits. This one is a profile of Nathan Riddle, a SRAM sponsored Super-D racer. In it he talks about his racing not being as important… More ›

I heart large cans

10 By on Tuesday June 14 2011 in Exclusives

So after leaving the heat of the desert I jumped on a plane in Grand Junction and left Firsty and the Crank Brothers FJ and headed out to the best coast to catch up with Dain Zaffke (Easton’s marketing manager) and Mike Ferrentino (Santa Cruz’s… More ›

Press Release: Coppermine race report and results

0 By on Tuesday February 22 2011 in Racing

Nelson’s George Bennett demolished the race record as Saturday’s fourth Santa Cruz Coppermine Epic mountain bike race attracted a larger and more competitive field of riders than in previous years. Riders came from throughout the country to test their skills and fitness on some of… More ›


0 By on Wednesday November 24 2010 in Racing

Not wanting to leave T Rex (Tim Wilding) out, I should mention that he too will be rocking a new steed for the Huka XL, but unlike Samara’s, his has clown wheels and is made of plastic. Well, carbon actually, and as you can see… More ›


0 By on Monday June 28 2010 in Reviews

Whistler, BC. 24th June 2010. I will remember this date for a long time to come, and for two excellent reasons. Firstly, I got my grubby mitts on a Carbon V-10. Secondly, I had the opportunity to meet and work with uber photog dude, Jordan… More ›


0 By on Friday May 7 2010

I’ve been a bit slow getting this post up as my poor little cell phone couldn’t really cope with all the images (I’m on the road you see). But now I’m sitting in Red Bull’s Auckland offices poaching internet, so here is the real scope… More ›


2 By on Sunday April 18 2010

Pink Bike has a 15 minute interview wih Cedric Gracia from Sea Otter. CG fills us in on his new team ‘Racing Brigade’, updates us on his recovery from injury last year, and talks us through his V10 & Nickel 4x bike. Did I hear him say that the new V10 is… More ›


0 By on Friday April 2 2010 in Reviews

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, and yes, this is the official release for the new carbon fibre Santa Cruz Nomad. Do not confuse it with any of the previous, most likely inaccurate, information that has leaked already. There’s a lot of ground to… More ›


0 By on Sunday February 28 2010

But I’m pretty sure that is none other than GT-hating, Tallboy riding, Spoke writing and the quite often naked Sebastian Kemp. This is the latest ad from Santa Cruz. It’s a double page spread in Bike Magazine (I’m sure it will pop up elsewhere). If… More ›