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2012 Trans Provence: Day 1

0 By on Tuesday September 25 2012 in Racing

Unless you’ve been sleeping you should be aware that the most important enduro/all-mountain race of the season, the Trans Provence, has just kicked off. It’s a who’s who of the enduro scene; obviously last year’s winner Jerome Clementz is back to defend his title as… More ›

Crankworx Joyride course walk

0 By on Wednesday June 20 2012 in Off topic

Continuing their online MTB media takeover NSMB.com brings us the first look at the Crankworx Joyride course. Joyride Bike Parks has been around since 1997 and they actually built one of the first trails in the Whistler Bike Park, called Joyride. Ever since they have… More ›

Spoke 45 Out Now

2 By on Tuesday March 6 2012 in Exclusives

Subscribers will have received their copies of Spoke 45 already, for everybody else it should be hitting news stands over the next couple of days. You can buy single issues here, subscribe here and if you’re after instant gratification you can by a digital edition… More ›


2 By on Thursday May 5 2011

Seb Kemp has been penning a fortnightly travel/word guff piece on the web’s most original mountain bike site NSMB. This literary blister is called World Affairs and recently they have been focusing solely on New Zealand riding and life. The second of New Zealand-related ones… More ›


1 By on Friday January 7 2011

When sometimes-Spoke-contributor Seb Kemp got the front and back cover of the 2011 Santa Cruz Catalogue he probably thought he’d made it. Well adding to his testing prowess with the 2010 Bike Bible Seb’s backed that up with more testing for the 2011 edition and… More ›

Seasonaires episode two

0 By on Tuesday November 9 2010

Seb and Tom bring the goodness with episode two of Seasonaires. So you come for a season with a bunch of buddies and ride till you cough roost then head home once the summer ends, but what happens if you fall madly deeply in love… More ›

Seasonaires – Episode one – Jack Noy

0 By on Wednesday November 3 2010 in Racing

Seb Kemp’s Seaonaires project is in full swing and episode one of the SEASONAIRES series is here. In this first episode we find a prime example of the First Season Young Gun From UK species. Jack is nineteen years old and is from Guildford, UK.… More ›


0 By on Monday November 1 2010

We just got a quick e-mail from Seb Kemp (Spoke contributor) about another of his many projects. This time it’s a web vid series that follows the stories of riders ‘living the dream’ and spending seasons in Whistler. Vid and details after the jump: More ›


0 By on Friday October 8 2010

When he’s not fighting evil exes Spoke contributor Seb Kemp is popping up in random bike catalogues left, right and centre. First it’s the front and back cover of the 2011 Santa Cruz catalogue, now it’s the 2011 Giro catalogue and website (with our buddy… More ›


0 By on Friday September 24 2010

Seb’s been trying to post up some stuff on the site from Interbike but his wordpress skills don’t match his riding and writing prowess. Anyway this year he’s on the NSMB payroll and writing some funny shit for their site… So for Seb’s take on… More ›


0 By on Wednesday July 7 2010

Last weekend I found myself on the road again for a dirty weekend away with the boys. Ripping and shredding Sunpeaks and Silverstar bike parks in beautiful British Columbia, as well as any other random roadside schralping we can find. The above photo was taken… More ›