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Press Release: Chad Kagy Joins the Teva Team

0 By on Wednesday September 19 2012 in Off topic

Best known for his accomplishments in the world of BMX, professional rider Chad Kagy has announced today his plans to join Teva® and its team of respected athletes. With Kagy’s plans to blur his BMX roots with his interest in freeride mountain biking, his addition… More ›

Teva introduces Cam McCaul and Kurt Sorge

0 By on Tuesday July 24 2012

Cam and Kurt have been on the Teva team for a while now but Teva have just now deemed it time to drop their intro videos (both filmed at the same time). There’s some bangers in the two clips and the IV’s give a little… More ›

Kelly McGarry x Teva shoes

0 By on Wednesday June 27 2012 in Off topic

Teva have been banging out the clips of late and have just released this little one following Kelly from Porter’s house in Salt Lake City to the Teva Mountain Games in Vail. It’s nothing compared to the Zeros and Ones clip earlier in the year,… More ›

Meet Sam Pilgrim

0 By on Tuesday June 26 2012 in Off topic

Want to know what being a freeride mountain bike rider is all about? Meet one of the newer members to the Teva Freeride MTB team, Sam Pilgrim. Sam Pilgrim, originally from Colchester, England, has broken onto the freeride MTB scene in the last two years… More ›

Full Teva Slopestyle vid is up!!!

1 By on Monday April 16 2012 in Off topic

We’ve been waiting for this Teva Slopestyle clip of Haimona’s to drop all week, considering half the footage was filmed by us. Anyhow it’s here, and you can find out why you need to be in Queenstown for the WHOLE of the Bike Festival next… More ›

I Heart Adam

0 By on Tuesday January 31 2012 in Off topic

Really, I do. I’ve always loved Black Market/Teva rider Adam Hauck; his riding both on dirt and on street is crazy. This little vid of him and and his Thrashbike boys killing time is kinda mental, I mean the guy can bunnyhop tailwhip on a… More ›

Teh-vah not Tee-vah

5 By on Friday July 8 2011 in Exclusives, New products, Reviews

Some of you may know that Caleb went on a wee road trip around the States recently. As well as sticking his beak in the secret drawers of Greg Herbold, stretching out in Ross Schnell’s planet killer, and discovering that we really weren’t blowing smoke… More ›


1 By on Wednesday February 2 2011

So if there was another company out there with grippy rubber and the knowledge and success in other markets to back a foray into mountain biking then it would have to be Teva. Like 5-10, it’s a brand built on super grippy soles (though more… More ›