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Murry Chrossmas

3 By on Friday January 4 2013 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

Merry belated Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year. I don’t have all that much more energy for celebrations at the moment, as the last couple of weeks have been quite different to any of my life until this point. For a start Christmas was cold… More ›

Mud, Sand and Gears

6 By on Wednesday November 28 2012 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

The last two weekends have featured some of the coolest and most unique races of the Belgian cyclocross season. After getting sick for a couple more days following Hamme-Zogge I eventually started to feel better, and by the end of the week was able to… More ›

La Bresse – just how intense was it?

1 By on Wednesday May 23 2012 in Racing

Specialized (and Victor Lucas) have just posted up a video showcasing the La Bresse XCO course that claimed both Rosara and Karen in the weekend. This clip gives us a pretty damn good look at the just how hard the course was, and in my… More ›


0 By on Sunday September 20 2009

Looks like I should have stayed up last night as by all accounts it was a bit of a nail biter. Blinky showed he’s no one trick wonder, coming second to a determined Hill by only 2.33 seconds on the track he won on last… More ›


0 By on Thursday June 4 2009

If you have been following the XC World Cup recently, you’d be wondering where Kashi has been in the results. In what looks to be a major bummer for Kashi and all involved, the Felt team is goneburger. More ›


0 By on Tuesday April 28 2009

Well I’m trying not to pinch too much stuff these days from other sites but I found this clip of the La Bresse World Cup DH track for next week over on the Dirt site. Pretty interesting. Looks like a couple of paddocks and a… More ›