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Hoboken Bonobo Bro

3 By on Wednesday September 26 2012 in Exclusives, Racing, The Cyclo X Files

After my awesome virginal experience with the professionals last weekend, I let my fledgling ambitions of fandom take a back seat and once again found myself staring at the rear ends of what was this time a massive field in the B grade at Hoboken.… More ›

Yeti X New Zealand

2 By on Friday December 16 2011 in Off topic

Sometime before the SB-66 was launched Kashi Leuchs guided Yeti marketing guy/photographer Craig Grant and Aussie pinner Shaun O’Conner around the deep south. Today Yeti dropped the feature on their website here, as well as this sweet little clip. Enjoy. More ›

Yeti sightings

3 By on Tuesday October 25 2011 in Off topic

So I’ve just got back from a trip to Central Otago for the first Yeti Tribe gathering (although I was on my Tallboy). Most of the time was spent in Wanaka but yesterday I did have my inaugural Skyline experience which was pretty fun. It… More ›


0 By on Thursday March 31 2011

Yeti bikes just dished out this sweet little vid put together by World Cup team member Joey Schusler of a look through their US factory. COOL. After watching this vid, go to the Yeti Website and check out their 2011 team page, there’s some killer… More ›


1 By on Tuesday April 27 2010 in Reviews

The Yeti Big Top debuted at Sea Otter just over a week ago. Yeti, who I’m 99% sure had previously publicly shunned the big wheeled movement joined the fray with this very trick and well thought out entry into the 29er world. It looks like… More ›


0 By on Thursday December 10 2009 in Reviews

If you have tracked down a copy of issue 34 of Spoke you will have noticed the little “online review” icon above selected reviews. Well over the next few days we’ll be posting up the video reviews, starting with this one for the 2010 Yeti… More ›