Sixteen year old Anton Cooper, who has been having a stellar season, capped it off yesterday with an unprecedented win at the 50km Karapoti classic, beating a stacked field in wet and slippery conditions. (How’s that for an opening sentence in a press release, I think I just used every racing cliche in the book.) Anyhow this crazy Christchurch kid beat out defending champ Tim Wilding (who finished fourth), legendary XC ripper Stu Holtham (third place) and an on form Dirk Peters (who landed in second). I bolted after Ken Feist rolled through on his cyclecross (he finished in 3.32) but I think after a pretty sketchy start (weather wise) the day turned out pretty epic. You can check out the results over here and a few more of my photos below.

The Pink Apron is here

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