The Weekend of Awesomeness
The Ladies in Wellington are at it again, and this weekend will see the launch the 1st ever Women’s Cycling Festival in Wellington from 18-22 October. This five day affair being hosted by a collaboration of several very keen, passionate cycling clubs in Wellington including:
-Revolve Cycling Club
-Frocks on Bikes
Wellington MTB Club
-En Velo
Cycle Aware Wellington
-Wellington Bike Polo

Kicking off this amazing weekend is a backstreet Cycle Chic fashion parade and the launch of the Kennett Brother’s new book: Muddy Olympians. There’s the Women of Dirt (a six hour mountain bike solo or relay event), a road cycling peaks challenge, skills sessions for all forms of riding, bike polo, a movie night, a bike WOF, yoga for cyclists, MTB shuttling, and a bike bambinos creche for those with young riders in tow.

More details and registrations can be found on

Damn it’s good to be a girl.

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