Words by Jamie Edwards, WideOpen Mag.

Red Bull Hardline was the creation of evil genius Dan Atherton and went down last weekend in North Wales, UK. 

Affy and crew found themselves a brutally steep hill and built four minutes of the most challenging terrain they could imagine. The track was relentlessly tough from top to bottom and where it wasn’t steep and technical it threw riders off house-sized drops and chasm-length gaps. It was somewhere between a World Cup downhill and the Fest Series… 

Of the small handful of riders that made it to the finals it was Scotsman Ruaridh Cunningham who took the win. 2nd went to Joe Smith and 3rd was Berny Kerr. Gee Atherton was the wise-man’s bet but the nature of the track meant there were no safe predictions–– Gee crossed the line to a cheering crowd with a destroyed rear wheel. 

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