As the countdown to the Enduro World Series enters its final week, it’s probably a good time to familiarise yourself with the new lottery-style entry system if you’re looking to enter this year. Or if not, find out what the heck is going down in 2016.

For those looking to rub shoulders with the likes of New Zealand’s Justin Leov, Sam Blenkinsop, Spoke’s very own Michael Hayward or a handful of other Kiwis, be sure you have time to enter within the 24hr window from 00:01 GMT and 23:59 GMT on Monday the 25th of January. Tickets will be picked at random to fill the various races and successful applicants will be emailed a unique private link they can then use to enter. 

Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World Series, said: “This new entry system is fairer than before – by allowing riders 24 hours to sign up it negates any issues with time differences or slow internet speeds denying riders a spot. Last year’s events all sold out in under a minute and a lot of people missed out. There will always be more people who want to race than there are spaces so by moving to a lottery system this should make the playing field as even as possible”.

Full details about the new entry system and wild card criteria can be found on the Enduro World Series Registration Page.

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