Today in the third day of the Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico 2016, the riders did the big pass behind the De Ramon Mountain from Farellones to Cajon del Maipo.

Frenchman Jerome Clementz won the third day, followed by François Bailly-Maitre who arrived just one second behind. 

Jerome’s Audio Interview

François Audio Interview

Very close in third place is the Scottish rider Mark Scott who has been very consistent and safe.

Mark’s Audio Interview

The best Chilean was Milciades Jaque on 5th place. Nico Prudencio after a flat tire arrive in 20th place.

On the Master class, the US rider Michael West won the day followed by Claus Plaut who recover some distance from Felipe Vasquez that had a big crash and sprain his knee ligaments. This injury take him off the race.

Tracy Moseley won again the women class followed by the Chilean National Champ Florencia Espiñeira.

Tracy’s Audio Interview

Pauline Dieffenthaler got the third place folowed by Antonia Wurth and Josefina Gardulski that finish 5th.

The overall clasification is with Francois Bally-Maitre in first place, second Mark Scott, 3rd Jerome Clementz, Milciades Jaque in 4th and Antonio Ovalle close the top five.

Day 3

The fourth day will be the first one in the costal range mountain in the Aplata Valley, very well know by the beautiful scenery between the vineyards.

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