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This video by Suziie Wang showcases the work of two Belgian skaters from Barcelona named Baptiste and Gianni who have started a company making sunglasses from recycled skateboards. The boards were given to them by all the local pros that skate MACBA, and by their friends. Cliche pro, and roommate of one of the brothers, Javier Mendizabal’s boards were used a lot during the design process, and also in production. The glasses are beautiful, really well designed and they incorporate the graphics and the different coloured layers of the board. They’re made by hand, they are apparently really comfortable to wear and are hard to break due to how flexible the maple ply is. From each skateboard, depending on the condition, they can make two to four pairs of glasses. They’re in the process of doing a run that incorporates the name of the pro who donated the board to make your pair of glasses. Enjoy the video and please visit their website

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