Wow, I’ve just woken up after a whirlwind roadtrip to the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro and I feel like I’ve been beaten with a rubber hose and then thrown off a cliff. But surprisingly it feels great and I feel pretty pumped and am considering doing some real training and going Pro.


What an event! 450 racers. Heaps of beer and pizza and hot chips. Grueling, fast and technical descents with very little climbing. It’s no wonder everyone was laughing, giggling, grinning and smacking high fives all over the Vegas trail network. So many people and so much chatter yet everything ran smoothly and the conditions were near perfect after overnight drizzle damped down what would have been a dry, dusty and sketchy trail surface.



The event surpassed all my expectations of what to expect with a race of this magnitude and I’m already working out my game plan for next year and am rethinking my decision to not race the Cardrona event.

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