I like gloves, and I like getting free gloves, but ABD’s new Flat Out glove has honestly earned the moniker BGE (best glove ever). I can’t see us parting ways, like Nicole and Paris, anytime soon. This glove won’t be for everyone, but if you’re a fan of thin gloves with seamless palms, zero padding on the top and a good amount of grip, then these are going to be your new gloves—trust me.
The design is simple, and one that most glove companies have in their lineup, but ABD has added an indefinable something that pushes the Flat Out past its competition. The massively grippy and seriously branded palm is spot on. The thin exterior is exactly right for a lightweight glove—not so breathable that you can’t use it in winter, but not so thick that you overheat. If they lost the Velcro fastening these gloves would be even more perfect.
I’ve been using the Flat Outs for everything: early morning road rides, overnight trips and everyday singletrack missions. The fit is perfect and in the time I’ve been using them they haven’t become misshapen at all. All my other pairs of gloves now sit on the shelf, ranked in order of which ones most resemble the ABDs.
There you have it. The best gloves ever, or at least until someone sends me a better pair. CALEB SMITH

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