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Spoke was created in 2001 by Caleb Smith and Emma Gee as a response to the vast amount of generic mountain bike magazines available at the time. Spoke strives to bring a fresh and innovative look at mountain biking through original content, bold design and high quality production values. It provides an unbiased look at the lives and activities of mountain bikers in Aotearoa, consistently pushing the boundaries of mountain bike photography and graphic design. Spoke is published five times a year—February, April, June, September and December—and is available throughout New Zealand and online at our webshop.


Spoke has developed a strong family of contributors over the years, and values loyalty and dedication among our team. We also actively encourage new voices and eyes into our throng, which helps keep perspectives fresh and provides balanced yet varied points of view on all aspects of mountain biking and the unique people and extraordinary places that make our sport great.

Spoke also has more female contributors than any other mountain biking magazine, anywhere in the world. We believe mountain biking is to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, of any persuasion, and this is evident in the content of every issue we produce. 

Be the voice you want to hear, the image you want to see, by dropping us a line.





Vikki Peguero

Copy Editor / Writer


Vikki discovered mountain biking quite by accident in the late 90s. Having just arrived in Wanaka with a $200 commuter bike, she took a wrong turn on the way home from a job interview halfway up a mountain. She never got the job, but she did upgrade the bike and has been riding ever since. Born and bred in Auckland, she much prefers the pace of her adopted hometown; what's not to love about great riding and snow on one's doorstep? When she's not riding or spotting spelling mistakes as Spoke's resident copy editor, Vikki earns a crust as a parachute packer and part-time bike shop bitch. She bakes a mean lasagne, knows a thing or two about goldfish, and has a morbid fear of children and sushi.