There has been a great deal of anticipation surrounding the release of the new adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro glasses. The full rim version has long been a classic line in the adidas range, and a favourite among riders. The new half rim style has certainly lived up to expectations.
Firstly, these glasses look as cool, if not cooler, than the original Evil Eye Pros, and they come in some really stylish colour combinations. While many riders prefer a shield-shaped lens design for enhanced peripheral vision, the Evil Eye Halfrims have astounding peripheral vision for framed glasses, while retaining the robustness that a frame provides. Removing half the frame has reduced the weight substantially from the full frame version, offering a lightweight, high visibility option for those of us who tend to be a little rough with our gear (ie mountain bikers).
As with most adidas glasses, the lenses can be swapped to suit conditions. The Evil Eye Halfrims have one of the best lens swap systems I have seen—a small clip on the side that can only be opened while the arms of the glasses are folded, which means it’s impossible for the lenses to fall out while you’re wearing them. Even better news is that this is a super quick system for lens swaps on the fly.
All in all, a huge thumbs up for the Evil Eye Halfrim Pro. Adidas has really nailed it with this one, turning a classic pair of glasses into a classic all over again. MEGAN DIMOZANTOS

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