It’s been a journey, you could say. A real barnburner. A man at the top of his professional prowess, his mountain bike a natural extension of him, one of the best riders the sport has ever seen. But like all great heroes, adversity comes a knocking. For Graham Agassiz, a relatively benign descent—one he’s done a hundred times before—reached out with its wicked limb and smacked him down. Shoved a fat slice of humble pie in his kisser. With his neck broken and a career in jeopardy, the road back to the top is now lined with dangers and demons.


You see, in many ways, Aggy is just a kid. Born and bred in the frontier wildness of Kamloops, British Columbia, the prodigal talent is still subject to the distractions of a freeride superstar’s ever-present sideshow: the girls, the party, the chase. But now he stands at the crossroads of a most monumental order—quiet the indifference, dial in the focus. For Aggy, right now, on so many levels, it’s do or die.


This is a story of his teetering on the edge between annihilation and exaltation. The line is thin in this game of dirt and dust and destruction. To ride, to truly ride, he needs to burn lust into oblivion. To do that, he must fight his way to the light.

But he’s not alone. A mystical, esoteric, fire-wielding farmer guides Aggy through an odd evolution, one that flips between dream and reality. He force-feeds our ill-tempted hero a spiritual expedition that descends straight into hell’s blaze. Will he survive? Will he grab hold of the greatness that fights to draw him back into the mountains? Or will he succumb to that lesser self, the one that can’t say no. The one that aims to beat him into a scourge of normalness.p3_4

Join us as we follow Aggy on this sacred quest, from the freeride mecca of Kamloops, BC to the fiery wilds of Iceland. From the distraught of injury, to the brilliance of epic shred.

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