Not only were Coppermine riders shocked by beer at the Fringe Hill drink station but by the sight of Bob in a dress!

Well there’s no cigarettes here and the lame web title was a play on that awesome Jim Jarmusch film Coffee and Cigarettes, pretty bad segue really. Segue to what you ask? Well the fact that at the drink station on top of Fringe Hill during the Coppermine race this past weekend Chris Burr and Brenda Clapp were in fact manning a beer station. Race organiser Ian Goldschmidt had this to say: “Coppermine this year stepped up to the plate and added a bar at the top of Fringe Hill…. Much appreciated by most riders… Although some complaints about beer burps along Black Diamond Ridge… Best thing was the first three guys and first two woman all had a beer, one guy had four…”

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